Digital Marketing Tips That Work for Law Firms


Perhaps you haven’t imagined having to use digital marketing to help your law firm grow, having been in the legal industry for some time. However, it’s good to know that legal marketing services can be immensely beneficial for your practice, and you can implement several methods yourself, without spending much.

They key to success in law firm digital marketing is commitment as well as consistency. You should never try to handle everything at the same time as you can be overwhelmed.

Document your content marketing approach

Documenting your approach to content marketing will help ensure that everyone sticks to their role, will help you recall the tasks you assigned to each member of your team, and avails a basic document that can be used to gauge the effectiveness of the different digital marketing methods you use. Writing down your strategy will help set both the tone and pace.

Employ social media

You might think that updating your law firm’s Facebook page or tweeting a few times a day is something trivial. However, the key to successful social media marketing is consistency. Many times, businesses feverishly use social media but fail to sustain the momentum, and this can negatively affect their brand. Quality is much more vital than quantity. Start out small, probably on one social network, increase your posts there, and learn to use the inbuilt analytics of the site. Once you start posting consistently and know what’s effective or not effective through analytics, then you can try other social media sites.

Make sure it’s mobile-friendl

Nowadays, online marketing must be friendly to mobile devices, especially for local entities like law firms. You can use mobile platforms in many ways to market your law firm. You can make a mobile website or app, for instance. Most people carry their mobile devices all the time, so if you manage to reach them, you have more opportunities as opposed to relying on clients finding your website on PCs.

Blogging can hugely help with law firm marketing

Just like marketing through social media like Solicitors Website Design, blogging requires commitment. Fortunately, you can leave blogging to someone else to ensure your site has a consistent stream of new content. Quality beats quantity, again, so don’t be quick to add plenty of content if it’s not well written, relevant, and timely to your practice. As your blog gets more and more popular, so does your legal practice’s credibility–something that will boost the confidence in prospective clients.

Utilize non-text content to widen your reach

Your Legal Marketing Services strategy doesn’t have to comprise only text content. With visual elements, you can take your law firm’s digital marketing to another level and have a measurable impact. To add visual content, you can create videos, exciting infographics, and host webinars online before you publicize them on your blog as well as social media.